Singletary, John

In Memory Of
August 28, 1890 -May 18, 1977

 Alma S. Sessoms
, Christine Singletary
, Roy Singletary
, Eva Singletary
, Woodrow Singletary
, Sadie Bennett
, Verneda S. Parker, Helen S. Pettiway, 
Fannie Singletary
Parents: Harvey and Rexanna Singletary

John Singletary's formative years were spent in Lake City, South Carolina. He met Elizabeth Gaskins and they were united in Holy Matrimony. They moved to Wayne County, North Carolina on the farm of Bob Scott. He became a sharecropper. This union was blessed with nine children.

Elizabeth expired during the children's early years but Mr. Singletary kept the family intact and was very supportive. The family re-located to Kenly, North Carolina on the farm of S.E. High, Sr. There he continued to oversee the farm and taught the children to work. He aided various families in the community through employment. The following benevolent qualities exemplify his life: God-Fearing; Church oriented; Family oriented; and concern about the welfare of others. His loving words of wisdom and teaching is a legacy for those left behind. He can also be remembered for his ability to solve numerical problems and the hat he wore.
Mr. Singletary was active in the Odd Fellows, Masonic Lodge, Speight Chapel Church and St. Paul AME Church. He was also interested in hunting and fishing.

In addition to his nine children, Mr .Singletary has twelve grandchildren, nineteen great grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren.

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