Woodard, James and Rena

James William Woodard

February 20, 1879 - February 5, 1970

Son of Barna and Mary Elizabeth Thompson Woodard
. Teacher, Farmer, Merchant, Husband and Father

Rena Atkinson Woodard

July 6, 1883 - September 19, 1967

Daughter of John Eli and Lucinda Hales Atkinson. 
Wife, Mother and Homemaker

The Woodards: Their Story

Mr. and Mrs. James William Woodard were married in 1902. They became the parents of
four children: Clyda, a teacher; Cleon, a farmer; Lelon, a doctor; and Rena, a teacher. They lived in the Glendale Community all their married life except for four years from
1908 until 1912 when they made their home in Kenly.

Mr. Woodard was known for his interest in education which earned him a seat on the
Johnston County Board of Education for many years. Those years were marked by the
first big consolidation move away from the one and two room school buildings to such
three story buildings as are at Kenly and Glendale now. The Glendale Building is in the
background of Mr. Woodard's picture shown here. "Miss Rena," as the neighborhood children knew her was a full time wife and mother who
was active in community affairs and in her church.
The Woodards ran a country store at Glendale which was the community gathering place
for farmers to discuss the weather and their crops in good times and in bad times. Later,
the store was operated by their son-in-law and daughter Rena - Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
 Boyette. It was closed in the seventies.

A Tribute
"Our parents gave us so much, yet asked so little in return.
They guided us, but let us go our way. They taught us
right from wrong through their encouragement and praise.
They showed us that their love was always near. They
made us proud and happy too, to have parents as fine as
they were."

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