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Section Letter Titles Author or Authors Year of Publication
A Holy Bible   1892
  Holy Bible   1800s
  The Agromeck L. L. Hedgepeth 1925
  The Pine Knot Atlantic Christian College 1921
  Happiness in Marriage Margaret Sanger 1926
  Museum of Art   1887
  New Friends Lewis, Rowland, and Gelnes 1937
  National Dictionary    1940
  Strickland's Anthems for the Choir C. V. Strickland 1891
  Third Annual Report: NC Agri. Exp. Station NCSU 1880
  The World Evangel Robert H. Coleman 1913
  Condensed U. S. History William Swinston 1879
  Appleton's School Reader: Second Reader Harris, Rickoff, and Bailey 1884
  Swinston's Third Reader  Ivirson, Blakeman, Taylor, and Co 1882
  Graded Memory Selections Hughes, Waterman, and McClymonds 1903
  Greatest and Lasting Hymns John A. Lee  
  Life and Service Hymns R. C. Magill 1917
  HandBook for Boys BoyScouts of America 1948
  Abiding Songs Broadman Press 1936
  Gospel Hymns Ira D. Sankey 1894
  Ledger of Faro Godwin Faro Godwin 1930-31
  Ledger of Faro Godwin Faro Godwin 1933-36
  Ledger from Pineville   1860-1909
B The Continental Furniture Company   1914
  Daniel Miller- Winter Catalog   1914-15
  A Treasury of American Prints Thomas Craven 1939
  D. L. Boyette Ledger   1930-63
  Three Ledgers bound together   1958
  A Journal    
  A Ledger    
  Payroll Ledger(Imperial Tobacco Co.)   1917
  Payroll Ledger(Imperial Tobacco Co.)   1897-98
  Payroll Ledger(Imperial Tobacco Co.)   1907-09
  Payroll Ledger(Imperial Tobacco Co.)   1899
  Imperial Tobacco Co. Plants   early 1900s
  Account Book   1938-47
  Ledger   1938-40
  New Testament Bible    
  The Story of the Old NorthState R. D. W. Connor 1906
  Maury's Elementary Geography M. F. Maury 1906
  Senoca Selma High School 1925
  Senoca Selma High School 1924
  The Reference Shelf: Farm Relief Lamar Beman 1927
  A Short History of England Coman and Kardall 1901
  English Bosh Mary F. Hyde before 1800
  Webster's Secondary School Dictionary Noah Webster 1913
  Easy Steps for Little Feet Annie White 1896
  Hell before Death Rev. W. S. Harris 1908
  Modern Grammar H. G.  
  Peter and Nancy in South America Mildred H. Confort 1935
  Uncle Remus Joel Harris 1917
  International Abritrational Digest   1894
  General Chemistry   1923
  Sing Unto Him   1930
  Outliner of the World's History William Swinston 1902
C Hard Times: Beginnings of the Great Depression John L. Bell Jr.  1982
  Tales of Polecat Branch Charlie Harper 1986
  Carolina Telephone: The First Hundred Years James C. Nichols 1995
  The Great Cotton Seed Industry of the South Luther A. Ronson 1911
  Neolin Directory GoodYear Tire and Rubber Co.  1918
  Dr. S. B. Hunter's Medical School Notebook   1938
  The Production of Tobacco Blakinston Co.  1946
  The Classroom Teacher(Vol. 2, 7, 8, 9) Wood, Dickinson, Whitford, Drowning 1927-28
  The Hundred Year War Against the Cigarette   1981
  Flued Cured Tobacco Barn Construction R. M. Ritchie, Jr.  1953
  Tobacco Diseases and their Control E. E. Clayton 1950
  They Came Searching for Gold    
  After Sherman's march Emily Weil 2007
  Johnston County: Economics and Social Sanders and Ragsdale 1995
  Johnston County  Todd Johnson and Durwood Barbour 1997
  The Torch is Passed…    
  Pine Knot Atlantic Christian College 1938-1941
  Agromeck NCSU 1938-40, 1942
D Principles and Practices of Embalming Clarence Strub and L. Frederick 1959
  Manual of case analysis Charles D. Dhonau 1928
  The Women Tempted Countess of Cathcart 1926
  Festivals U. S. A. Robert Meyer, Jr.  1950
  Narrative of a Gordon Pym Edgar Allen Poe  
  Our Children Cheated Benjamen Fine 1947
  Macauley's Essay on Milton Charles French 1908
  Twice Told Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne  
  Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath James Allen 1924
  Stories from English History Warren 1907
  Holmes Fourth Reader Holmes and Hill 1902
  Holmes Third Reader G. F. Holmes 1901
  Hunger Singer in Crops   1949
  The operation, care, and repair of farm machinery Deere and Co.  1957
  Observance of special days   1959
  Through the Green Gate Row, Peterson and Co.  1939
  Skills in Spelling McCormick-Mathers Publication Co. 1968
  The Art of Compounding Scoville  
  The First 60 Years Sue V. Dickinson 1965
  How to get my baby out of jail Louise Shivers 1983
  Common School Arithmetic J. H. French 1872
  Speaking and Writing Enlgish Ben J. H. Samborn and Co. 1927
  The American Health Series Wilson, Bake, Abbott, Almack 1942
  Poultry Production Leslie Cord 1946
  Our Third Government E. C. Brooks 1924
  Hickory and Europe Archibold Alison 1848
  The New Chardenal W. H. Grosjean 1929
  Who Can Fix it? Leslie Ann MacKean 1989
  Nat Geo Magazine   1941
  Government in the U.S. James Garner 1911
  The Elementary Spelling Book Noah Webster 1857
  El Parjaro Verde M. A. Devitis 1918
  Handbook of Compostion Edwin C. Woolley 1907
  American Public Education Byttere Douglas 1948
  Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Charles Hodgman 1914
  Chuck Wagon Gang Favorites D. P. Carter  
  The American Health Series Charles Wilson 1942
  Essentials of World Regional Geography   1995
  People and Nations Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich 1983
E Soils and Men U.S.D.A. 1938
  Tobacco diseases and decays Frederick Wolf 1959
  Fertilizers and Crops Lucius L. Van Slyke 1927
  Diseases of Tobacco George Lucas 1975
  Fertilizers and Manurer W. B. Andrews 1947
  Changing patterns in fertilyzer use   1968
  Soils and Soil Fertilizer McGraw Hill 1957
  The Producer's program Burley Tobacco growers 1991
  Agriculture for Beginners Burket, Stevens, Hill 1904
  Raising Livestock Detero and Deyoe 1946
  The Story of Lucky Strike Roy C. Flannagan 1939
  Will there be enough food?  U.S.D.A. 1981
  The Principles of feeding farm animals S. Ball 1917
  Farming World U.S.D.A. 1964
  Principles of Flue-cured tobacco production S. N. Hawk, Jr.; W. K. Collins 1983
  Flue-cured tobacco producing a healthy crop Fumy Todd 1981
  Tobacco quality-can it be measured? Fauley Abdallah 1968
  Consumes All U.S.D.A. 1965
  How to grow the best lawn and garden Edward Throne 1951
  Agricultural education in community schools Herbet Hamlin 1949
  Horticulture Karrey C. Davis 1922
  Yearbook of Agriculture U.S.D.A. 1927
  Elements of Agriculture G. F. Warren 1914
F Mules and memories Pamela Barefoot 1978
  Flue-Cured Tobacco American Tobacco Association 1958
  The Tobacco Kingdom Joseph C. Robert 1938
  Tobacco-the ants and the elephants Charles Kelley 1975
  The Story of Tobacco in America Joseph Robert 1949
  Report: Tobacco and cigarettes, machinery The Monopoly Commision 1961
  Tobacco and salt industries in Japan Japan Monopoly Corporation 1967
  Pipe Lighter Robert L. Downing  
  NC Tobacco Heritage The Tobacco Institute 1981
  About Tobacco Lehman Brothers 1955
  American Tobacco: how its grown, cured, marketed, and Processed Tobacco Association  
  The Bright Tobacco Industry Nannie May Tilley 1948
  A picture-book on Tobacco and the pleasures of smoking Selma High School 1960
  World Tobacco Directory   1978
  Philip Morris Companies Inc.    1986
  Annual Report    
  The Golden Weed Peter Mack 1965
  Mister Junior Lael Tucker Verdentecher 1960
  Tales of Tobacco Country Thomas Williams 1979
  "Sold America" The American Tobacco Co. 1954
  Tobacco Merchant Maurice Duke, Daniel Morgan 1995
  World Tobacco Directory   1975
  Takoe de Virginie Graphlismis el Creations 1969
  Tobacco Market(Ahoskie, NC) E. Frank Stephens Jr.  1997
  Brown and Williams Tobacco Corp.   1993
  High School Agriculture D. D. Maine, K. L. Hatch 1913
  Veterinary Guide for Farmers G. W. Starnum 1950
  Starting to Farm Ward P. Beard 1955
  Flue- Cured Tobacco Info NCCBS 1993, 2004
  Burley Tobacco Info NCCBS 2004
  Tobacco Memories Lela Thompson  
  The Tobacco Farmer magazine   1991, 1974, 1976-77
  Tobacco Info R. R. Bennet 1964-66-70, 72, 74, 76
  Tobacco Situation and Outlook Blake Brown 2004
  NC Agriculture Statistics NCDA 1977
  Extension Research on Wheels Furny Todd 1980
  NC Farm income Projections NCCES 1994
  Our Wildlfe Neighbor William Harrett, Duane Raver  
  Farm Gardening and seed growing Isaar Landis 1994-95
  Tobacco Info NCAES 1977-87
  Tobacco Report NCDA 1976-77, 82-83
  New York and Tobacco Tobacco Institute 1972
  Green Leaf and Gold: Tobacco in NC Jerome Brooks 1962
  A Story of the U.S. tobacco industries economic construction as the state and counties of NC Whartly ARC 1979
  Smoke to Gold Skewarkian Historical Club 1978
  The Story of Lucky Strikes Roy Flannagan 1938
  100 years of progress Donville Tobacco Assoc. 1969
  Tobacco: Deeply rooted in America's Heritage    
  The Brown and Williamson Story    
  The Library relating to Tobacco Jerome Brooks 1944
  Lorilland and Tobacco    
  Tennessee and Tobacco    
  Kentucky and Tobacco    
  Old Carolina Tobacco country cookbook Arlene Aasbrey 1985
G Masters of Painting B. Kietly 1964
  My Most embarrassing moments and other stories  Ray Williamson  
  Here to get my Baby out of jail Louise shivers 1983
  Electrocardiographic technique Kurt Shitzer 1949
  Safe methods of business J. L. Nichols 1909
  Reflections Bob Boyette 1983
  Plain english Handbook S. Martyn Walsh 1939
  The Seven laws of teaching John Milten Gregory 1917
  Teaching aty a District School John Dinsmore 1908
  Four Minute Talks for Superintendants K. L. Webb 1926
  Word Mastery Spellers Manual   1957
  Art in the Public Schools   1949
  Course of Study for the elementary schools in NC Dhonau Nunnamaker 1952
  Stevenson's Treasure Island   1922
  Everday Foods Harrison Lacey 1927
  Lippincotts farm animals Cary C. Davis 1914
  Distillation and Rectification William T Brandt 1904
  New Education Readers Book 1 AJ Demarest 1900
  Pratical Course in Botany E. F. Andrews 1911
  500 more things to make Glenn Charles Cook 1944
  Farmers Shop Book Louise Roehl 1923
  Advanced Accounting Roy B. Kester 1946
  Essentials of Business Arithmetic W. H. Saddler 1890
  Good Companians Payne, Nevell, Chapman 1936
  Abiding Songs Broadman Press 1936
  Literature and Life Book 1 Greenlaw, Elson, Kock 1922
  Literature and Life Book 4 Greenlaw, Miles 1924
  The Progressive Road to Reading Burchill, Ettenger, Shiner 1909
  The RFD Garden Jubilee Gwendolyn M. Aabey 1947
  Naval terms and definitions C. C. Soule 1922
  The beat goes on and on and on Bill Joe Austin 1976
  Elements of Geology David Page 1849
  System of Phoneology George Comb 1882
  Correct English William Tanner 1928
  Commerical Law D. Curtis Gano  
H The World Book Encylcopedia: Vol. 1-6, 8-13, 16-19   1930
  Young American Patriots: WWII Adam McLeod 1948
  Gospel of St. John NY Bible Society 1911
  The Good News in Story and Song American Tract Society 1905
  Singing games Katherine Wessels 1947
  A Star Shine Robbie Trent 1917
  Favorite Tales of Long ago Miss Elliot  1943
  Flue-cured tobacco info NCSU 2005
  Cottn Info NCSU 2005
  Historical Fiction about th life of a slave Maude Smith 2012
  Mason Jar Continnetial    
  More Collectable Jars R. Burris 1968
  Eastern Bottler Price Guide Carlo and Dot Sellars 1970
  101 town relics Wes and Ruby Bressie 1967
  Bottle and Glass handbook Don Maust 1965
  Bottle collecting manual with prices John F. Hotchkiss 1972
  Old Time Bottles Lynn Blumenstein 1965
  Re-digging the old west Lynn Blumenstein 1965
  Handbook of early american pressed glass patterns Ruth Webb Lee 1936
  Antique Bottles Marvin and Helen Davis 1967
  Old Richmond Bottles Bonnie Green 1971
  Old Owl Drug bottles and others Al and Margaret Jensen 1967
  Bottle collecters handbook and pricing guide John T. Yount 1967
  Billions of Bottles Glass Containers Manufacturers Institute 1959
  Antique Bottle finds in New England Virginia T. Bates 1968
  A close-up of closures Alfred Lief  
  Spirit Bottles of the Old West Bill and Betty Wilson 1968
  The Story of Glass containers    
  Lubrication Texaco Inc. 1962
  Handbook from the bottle-ologist Richard E. Fike 1965
  The Genesis of a Jar Glass Containers Manufacturers Institute



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