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Barnes, Mallie

This biography of Mallie Grover Barnes was prepared under the supervision of his daughter, Mary Marie Williamson of Lucama, and is believed accurate as of February, 1997.

Mallie Grover Barnes, the second son of Ira Oliver Barnes and Ida Ruth Barnes (see Ferrell), was born January 15, 1898. Raised at the family farmstead in Scott's Community, he married Mary Elizabeth Peele on December 31, 1919. Together they established their own family farm, eventually coming to live on Wiggins Mill Road in what is still known as the Leonard Raper house, where his only daughter Mary Marie Williamson lives today. A well-known farmer, Mallie also worked as floor manager and drummer for Centre Brick Warehouse, where he established a trusting relationship with Uta H. Cozart which allowed him to acquire the lands that his descendants work to this day.

Across from the old family farmstead still stands the remains of a country store run by the Barnes family. Known locally as the Alton Barnes' store, it stands in mute testimony to a time gone by, a time equally full of hard work, love, laughter, and strong community involvement. Mallie would often spend an evening at the store talking with friends and neighbors, never forgetting to bring home a present of penny candy for daughter Marie.
Mallie and Elizabeth had three children, all of whom are still alive and active in the local community as of this writing: Herman Lafayette, Robert Daylon and Mary Marie. Herman Lafayette Barnes was born February 23, 1922, and married Mary Rachel West August 14, 1943. Robert Daylon "Daylon" Barnes was born July 14, 1923, and married Ruby Mae Williamson on September 24,1944. Mary Marie "Marie" Barnes was born June 22,1925, and married George W. Evans, Jr. February 21, 1947; George died suddenly May 12, 1989 at their home in New Hampshire. Marie and Waiter L. "Dick" Williamson, childhood sweethearts, wed in New Hampshire November 10, 1990, and returned in 1992 to the family farmstead on Wiggins Mill Road in Lucama where they live today.

Herman and Mary had three children: Mary Louise, Elizabeth Am and Herman Lafayette, Jr. Mary Louise Barnes, born September 29,1946, married William Edward Gregory July 9, 1966. They have two children: Stanley Douglas and Bradley Barnes. Stanley Douglas Gregory was born August 26,1972; Bradley Barnes Gregory was born January 24,1981. Elizabeth Ann Barnes, born October 7, 1950, married Don Roy Godwin October 20, 1968. They have two children: Donna Ann and John Bradford. John Bradford Godwin was born September 20,1975. Donna Ann Godwin, born August 20,1969, married Jeffery David Johnson November 5, 1995. Herman Lafayette Barnes, Jr., born September 15, 1955, married Linda Faye Holland October 29, 1976. They have two children: Candace Dawn and Melissa Katherine. Candace Dawn Barnes was born September 4, 1979; Melissa Katherine Barnes was born January 14, 1983.

Daylon and Ruby had two children: Robert Daylon Jr. and Randal Mallie. Robert Daylon Barnes, Jr., born August 29, 1947, married Linda Christine Boswell May 17, 1968. They have two children: Robert Daylon III and John Gregory. Robert Daylon Barnes III was born March 14, 1971; John Gregory Barnes was born October 9, 1976. Randal Mallie Barnes, born May 15,1957, married Susan B. Barnes June 18,1978. They have two children: Rachel Elizabeth and Martha Lauren. Rachel Elizabeth Barnes was born March 3, 1985; Martha Lauren Barnes was born June 26, 1989. Randal today works much of the same land originally acquired and worked by his grandfather, Mallie Grover Barnes.

Marie and Geroge had three children: Georgette Marie, Hela Elizabeth and Robin Lee. Georgette Marie Evans, born November 20, 1950, married Prescott Clayton Grey June 22, 1980. Hela Elizabeth Evans, born September 24, 1953, married Bruce Knowlton Apri127, 1976. They have two children: George Matthew and Alexander Evans. George Matthew Knowlton was born July 26, 1982, Alexander Evans Knowlton was born May 20,1985. Robin Lee Evans, born July 11, 1956, married Peter Edward Hompe September 1,1979.

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