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Barnes, Richard Arthur

In Memory of Richard Arthur Barnes
February 20, 1891 — August 26, 1964

Parents: Josiah and Sarah Boswell Barnes
Married: Glennie Poythress
Children: Ava, Grey, and Wanda

R.A. Barnes was a fun-loving, happy man who enjoyed his family, his friends, and his life. Mr. Barnes was a dedicated father who took pride in his children. He drove the county school bus so that his young daughters could travel to school safely. He was very good in Math and Spelling, always willing to help them with the most difficult assignments. The hardest of Math problems were always worked before his daughters returned to school each day.

In addition to being a dedicated husband, father, and farmer, he spent much of his time helping others. Mr. Barnes served as an ASCS Committeeman and Surveyor in Cross Roads Township. He helped form the Beulah Burial Association, sold Tobacco Crop Insurance, and was active in the Farm Bureau.

His family remembers him lovingly, he always had a kind and jolly word. He found a light-hearted side to life's many problems. He delighted in finding new items to enjoy. For instance, he enjoyed the radio all his life. Early one spring morning when he and Mrs. Barnes had just gone to the fields to start the new crop, his young daughter Wanda, left at home, heard his favorite program "Amos and Andy" come on the radio. She just knew that her daddy wanted to hear it, so she yelled and yelled until they came from the field to see what was wrong. He laughingly explained a fact that has been part of the lives of all his descendants: there is a time for fun, but when it is time to work, we must.

This farm family had a home much loved by their children and grandchildren who knew this dear couple as "Ma Barnes and Accum." This Memorial page contributed by his daughter, Wanda B. Scott.

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