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Barwick, Walter and Elma

Walter Jones Barwick
Born April 13, 1903
Died February 7,1976

Elma Gray Potter
Born July 6, 1927

Married October 10, 1940

Mr. Walter Jones Barwick and Mrs. Elma Gray Potter Barwick are from the Seven Springs area of Wayne County, an area rich in tobacco heritage and history. They lived on the family farm working in tobacco, corn, hogs, cows, and chickens. Their home was also the same one that Mr. Barwick was born in on April 13, 1903. Mrs. Barwick was born on July 6, 1927.

Mr. Barwick was the son of Mr. William Henry Barwick and Elizabeth Lee Barwick of Seven Springs. Mrs. Elma Gray Barwick is the daughter of Mr. Franklin Burke Potter and Mrs. Bertha Adams Potter, also of Seven Springs. Walter and Elma Gray were married on October 10, 1940, and moved to the farm that they operated for so many years. Along the way, they had five children: three sons; Rodney Walter, Willard Franklin, and Marston Jackson, and two daughters; Wanda Gray and Sharon. In those days having a large family was important to the success of the farm operation and success they had for many years to come.

On February 7, 1976, Mr. Barwick passed away and the farm was willed to his wife who, to this day, lives and manages this same farm with the spirit and love that held it together for so many years. The family is still growing and Mrs. Barwick has ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild as of this writing. We are sure that the Barwick Family will continue to grow and history will record the great successes the family had in North Carolina tobacco.

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