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Batten, Brandon

Brandon Batten is a sixth generation farmer in southern Johnston County. He attended North Carolina State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Agriculture Engineering in 2008, and a Master’s in Agriculture Engineering in 2010. After college, Mr. Batten joined the family business, Triple B. Farms located in Four Oaks, North Carolina. Triple B. Farms is a family owned and operated farming business that produces flue-cured tobacco, corn, soybeans, wheat, Bermuda hay, and angus-mix beef cattle. Mr. Batten’s passion for agriculture stems from growing up on the farm, and learning the ropes from his late grandfather. He is an advocate for using farm-level research to make sure that the latest technology and advancements in all aspects of agriculture reach the farmers that need and use them. As a young farmer, Mr. Batten is not afraid to think outside of the box of convention and complacency to make sure that the lives of farmers and their farming businesses continue to improve and be efficient. This forward-thinking point of view of agriculture makes him an ideal candidate to represent the current and future generations of farmers.

In addition to working with Triple B. Farms, Mr. Batten is a member of the Johnston County Agribusiness Council, serves as Captain of the Strickland Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, and is on the Fellowship Supper Committee at Pauline Baptist Church. Mr. Batten also participates in the Johnston County Young Farmer and Rancher Program, is an active supporter of the Johnston County Cooperative Extension, and is the Johnston County Representative to the North Carolina Farm Bureau Farm Labor State Advisory Committee.

Brandon Batten was the recipient of the Innovative Young Farmer of the Year Award, presented at the 12th Annual Breakfast with the Commissioner event 2017.

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