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Batten, O.B.

In Memory Of O.B. Batten
Farmer, Businessman, Civic Leader, Husband, Father
Born: April 27 , 1915, to B.B. and Ella Pike Batten
Married: December 31, 1936 to Kate Hinton
Died: January 9, 1980

A farmer at heart, he lived on a tobacco farm approximately seven miles from Kenly in the Bethany Community. He maintained his interest in farming even after he became owner-operator of Kenly Auto Auction.

A Tribute
He was a man of many faces.
A protector, a provider,
A man for all seasons and places.
He was wonderful in many ways.
A guardian and a guide,
Worthy of much praise.
He was full of feeling.
Sentimental and a "softie,"
Which made him very appealing.

Memorial contribution by the Batten Children

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