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Batten, Owen and Eva

Owen Culbreth Batten, son of Stratford Culbreth and Lillie Owens Batten, was born on March 17, 1915, near Micro in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Eva Easter Davis, daughter of Stanton and Easter Ann Blackmon Davis, was born on September 12, 1912, also near Micro.

Owen and Eva were married on October 8, 1933, in Dillon, South Carolina. During their marriage, they had four children: Owen Davis "Dick," Patricia Ann, Eva Sue, and Dana Elizabeth.

Owen and Eva both came from tobacco-growing families before starting their own farm.

Following tradition, they grew tobacco, corn, soy beans, and general produce throughout most of their lives. The picture shown was taken during July, 1951, in front of their home on Highway 301 one mile south of Micro. After living full and eventful lives, both passed away less than a year apart; Owen on January 23, 1983, and Eva on July 21, 1984. Both are buried in Selma Memorial Gardens in Selma, North Carolina.

The children of Owen and Eva gave this Memorial in memory of their parents who passed their love and appreciation of farming to their next generation.

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