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Blalock, Carlton T

Thomas Carlton Blalock was born in Lucama, NC on October 6, 1924, the son of Walter Henry and Pearl Barnes Blalock. He grew up on a livestock and tobacco farm. After graduating from Lucama School, he attended North Carolina State University, where he earned bachelor's and master's degrees. He moved to Madison Wisconsin where he worked and later attended the University of Wisconsin to earn a doctorate degree.

He married Cornelia Peacock on June 8, 1947. They have three children: daughter Phyllis, and sons, Tom and Walter.

Dr. Blalock has had a long and distinguished career working for the betterment of farmers and the people of North Carolina. He began in 1951 as a dairy specialist with the Extension Service, later becoming specialist-incharge of dairy Extension efforts. He continued to rise in Extension administration, becoming State 4-H Leader, then Assistant Director, Associate Director, and finally becoming Director in July of 1978. In May 1982, then retired from Extension, the became the first Executive Vice-President and only employee of the Tobacco Growers' Association of North Carolina. He guided the newly created organization from its meager beginnings molding it into a group that commanded worldwide respect. Representing this organization, Dr. Blalock was a charter member of the Tobacco Museum Board of Advisors, serving as its first chairman for three years.

Dr. Blalock and his wife Cornelia reside in Raleigh, They are both avid golfers. They have four grandchildren.

This honorary contribution is made by the Tobacco Museum Board of Directors on October 8, 1989 with sincere appreciation for T. Carlton Blalock's outstanding service and dedication to the Tobacco Farm Life Museum of North Carolina.

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