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Boyette, James and Lizzie

Memorial contribution by their children

James Larkin Boyette
June 4, 1878 - October 29, 1954

Son of Larkin George and Chloe Bagley Boyette

Lizzie Wellons Boyette
December 18, 1880 - May 22, 1949

Daughter of Thomas and Martha Fulghum Wellons

The Boyettes lived on the family farm in the Glendale Community. Their land was part of the land given in 1790 to George Boyette, grandfather of James Larkin Boyette, by Governor Alexandrea Martin as a land grant.

They were loyal members of the Micro Methodist Church, where he served as a Steward and she as a member of the Christian Women's Circle.

He was on the ASCS Committee for Beulah Township for many years and served for twenty five years as secretary of the Junior Order. She was a charter member of the Glendale Home Demonstration Club.

They were parents of seven children: Gilbert, Ethel, Thurman, Cleon, Elizabeth , Marilyn and J. L, Jr. The above picture was made on a family outing at the Johnston County Fair in 1918 before the birth of Marilyn and J. L., Jr.

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