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Boyette, Stephen and Sallie Ann

Stephen Alvin Boyette
Sept. 27, 1880 - Dec. 195
Son of Larkin and Chloe
Sallie Ann Lamm Boyette
Dec. 18, 1881 - Feb. 2, 1943
Daughter of Jacob and Tempie Bagley Boyette Lamm

Stephen Alvin and Sally Ann Boyette lived in the Glendale community near Kenly on the Boyette Plantation in the home where he was born. The home was recently restored by a descendent of Larkin and Chloe Boyette, who built the house.

The Boyette's had six children: Willie Edward, Elise Elizabeth, Stephen Leslie, Williard Odell, Celesta Gray, and Stephen Alvin, Jr.

She was a homemaker and was involved in all community activities. He was a farmer, and owner of a cotton gin, a sawmill, and a logging rig.

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