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Brown, Burkett and Alice

Burkett Herman Brown
November 6, 1906 - January 23, 1975
Alice Batten Brown
September 27, 1907 - September 6, 1985

Burkett and Alice began their life in Johnston county, where Burkett was born to Thomas and Emma Brown and Alice was born to Barden and Ella Pike Batten. They were married on January 30, 1932. They were the parents of Edith, who was born on November 28, 1937. Their grandson, Ritchie Creech was born on November 8, 1956. Their great grandson, Joshua Creech, was born on February 9, 1984. Burkett and Alice worked together farming in the Bethany Community. They both contributed considerably to all community activities, especially the Bethany Missionary Baptist Church functions. Burkett's hobbies were fishing and hunting. Alice's hobbies were quilting and growing beautiful flowers. Burkett and Alice were loving, caring, and sharing Christian citizens.

Memorial contribution by Mrs. Alice Brown's Sister, Ethel Batten Williams

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Alice Batten Brown

She touched the lives of many people, she lifted many a name in prayer
She was a friend to everybody, she had time to love and care
She remembered the boys in service, and all the others away from home
The young people called her second mother, she was the rock they built their faith on.
She wasn't interested in fame or fortune, the gala life just passed her by.
She was busy growing flowers, and sowing seed that never die.
She didn't have item for idle gossip, she saw the good and overlooked the bad
Along with many, many others, I've lost the one of the best friends I've ever had
A friend
Mrs. Vick H. Cockrell
Route 2, Kenly, NC

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