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Edgerton, Jarvis John Jr

(December 18, 1915 - October 4, 1985)
Parents: Jarvis J. and Passie Harris Edgerton
Married: Delores James (April 11, 1941)
Sons: Jarvis John Edgerton, III , James Griffin Edgerton


Jarvis Edgerton was a community legend: he was a teacher and a coach of one generation, then teacher and coach of their children. He was an educator, churchman, Kiwanian, and a veteran of World War II.

As stated by one of his former students, "Mr. Edgerton taught us the fundamentals not only of basketball but of life. I've carried many of the things he taught me on the basketball court over into everyday life." This page is dedicated to the memory of Jarvis Edgerton by his wife and sons. July 1987.

Jarvis Edgerton possessed that rare gift of discerning merit in others. He was without jealousy; eager to excuse the faults of others; quick to recognize merit; and ready to compromise for the sake of peace.

As a teacher and a coach, he was able to see in his students possibilities that they and others could not see.

As a churchman, he worked behind the scenes showing love of the church, leadership and encouragement.

As a friend, he accepted us as we are.

As a husband and a father, he was fair, loving, and loved.

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