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Hagans Family

The Hagans Family

Henry Hagans and his lovely young wife Rosa Arrington Hagans moved to Kenly from Elm City, North Carolina around the year 1913. With them came older son Jesse Lee and daughter Elnora. Soon after moving to Kenly, Henry and Rosa had another little girl, Lourenza. Henry made a living working in the saw mill as a fireman, which was a very good job for black men in those days. Rosa was employed as a domestic worker.

Elnora Pearce
September 12, 1912 - July 31, 1986

Jesse Lee left Kenly as a teenager, never to return. Settling in Portsmouth, Virginia, Jesse Lee worked as a repairman for the railroad until retirement. Sisters Elnora and Lourenza lived and worked in Kenly their entire lives Elnora married Paul Pearce and raised a family of three children (Louise, Thomas, and Paul). Lourenza married twice (Luke Mozell and Winsor Futrell) and raised five children. These children were John Henry, Willie Lee, Ella Rose, Harriet, and Jesse.

This page is dedicated May 30, 1998 in the memory of Elnora and Lourenza Hagans, two sisters that lived, worked, and raised their families in this great little town of Kenly.

Lourenza Futrell September 24, 1914 — April 13, 1984

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