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Harrell, Charles Irvin

Given to Mr. Harrell by the Tobacco Farm Life Museum at the Excellence in Agriculture Dinner on November 30, 2000, honoring his outstanding contributions to our agribusiness community.

Charles Irvin Harrell, the son of William Irvin Harrell and Hiawatha Meeks Harrell was born September 29, 1961. He graduated from Beddingfield High School then attended Wilson Technical College and North Carolina State University. He has two children, William Clayton born in 1990, and Caitlin Amanda born in 1991.

Charles' family has farmed four generations, over one hundred years. While growing up he worked with his father, who had been the Jaycees Young Farmer of the year in 1961, on their farm and discovered in school that he had the education to do what he wanted in life. He returned home to the family farm and is now the principle owner and operator of his family's farming operation in Wilson County where they grow tobacco, corn, wheat, and soybeans.

In 1994 he was the North Carolina Jaycees Outstanding Young Farmer of the year at both the county and state levels. Charles is an alumnus of the Philip Morris Agricultural Development Program. Charles's successful agriculture career has also led him to assume many responsibilities in Wilson County. He has been an active member with the Wilson County Soil and Water Conservation District and is currently serving as Chairman. He has also served as past president of the Wilson County Young Farmers Club and chairman of the Agricultural Program Committee of the Wilson County Extension Advisory Leadership Council. Charles is also a member of the North Carolina Farm Bureau and the North Carolina Tobacco Growers Association. He is a member of the Southern Agriculture Leadership Association. This program helps members develop skills that contribute to improved capabilities for leadership in local communities, the state, and the nation. These leadership skills can enable members to better address the social, economic and political changes that affect agriculture and our rural communities and threaten current and future tobacco farmers, rural citizens, and leaders.

Charles may be very busy with farming and all the associations he is involved with because of the corporation, but he still manages to find time for others. He is a deacon at Saratoga Christian Church. Charles is also energetic when it comes to all the daily activities with his two children Clay and Caitlin and shows them how farming relates to life. He enjoys the opportunity to fish, play golf, and spend time with his friends when his schedule permits. Charles is compassionate and caring when it comes to his family, his friends, and his community He is devoted to making his community and our world a better place for his children to grow up.

Charles has seen many changes in farming in a few years, but hopes that the changes do not signal the end of the small family farm. For him farming teaches important values such as financial management, but more importantly what God does as seen in the growth, death and reproduction of plants and crops.

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