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Holloman, Henry and Smithie

In Memory of Henry McCoy "Coy" Holloman
July 1, 1903 — September 19, 1974
Smithie Hamm Holloman
1911 — January 15, 1966

Gail H Eason gave this page in honor of her parents.
Henry McCoy "Coy" Holloman was born July 1, 1903 in Harnett County, North Carolina, and was married to Smithie Lee Hamm of Greene County, North Carolina. They had three children; Cedric, Gail, and Betsy.

In the mid 1940's, Coy opened Kenly Dry Cleaners on Gardner Avenue. The business served both Kenly residents and the nearby communities. Coy was a hard worker and very proud of the quality service he provided for his customers. Coy also employed several memorable people from the area.

Marie Lassiter Etheridge was a long-time and faithful employee at Kenly Dry Cleaners. Officially, she was the bookkeeper and seamstress, but also knew how to tend the boiler which supplied steam for the presses if Coy was out. In the late 1950's and early 1960's, Mrs. Etheridge was considered the expert when it came to "pegging" pants (a fad at that time). She would always tell Jimmy Bailey, "Charlie's gonna have a fit when she sees these pants.

Among some of the other Kenly residents that worked as Coy's delivery boys were Felton Watson, Jr., Bud Corbett, Durand Hinnant, Henry Kirby, Jr., and Jesse Hales. They usually worked on Saturday mornings and after school.

When Coy was not working, he enjoyed freshwater fishing and bird hunting with his two dogs, Frank and Joe. Sometimes his children, Gail and Betsy, would accompany him on fishing trips, but never hunting — Smithie wouldn't allow it! Coy also enjoyed visiting with other gentlemen at J. Dobbin Bailey's Store at mid morning for a news and snack break. He always got a small bottle of Coca-Cola, but invariably left the last inch of soda in the bottom. Friends to this day still remember Coy's unique Coca-Cola habit!

Between work and play, Coy also was a long-time member and former captain of Kenly Volunteer Fire Department.

Coy's wife Smithie was a homemaker, who enjoyed cooking, sewing and crocheting. When Coy first opened the business, Smithie would sometimes help out at the plant. Both attended Kenly Missionary Baptist Church.

Smithie was the first to pass away on January 15,1966 at the age of 55. Coy died September 19, 1974 at the age of 71. They are buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Wilson, North Carolina.

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