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Kirby, Sanford and Cora

Sanford "Jim" Kirby
June 5, 1897 - July 21, 1965
Son of William Henry and Melinda Stancil Kirby

Cora Scott Kirby
November 26, 1902 - July 2, 1964
Daughter of Robert "Bob" and Emma Holland Scott

Jim Kirby was born in Wilson County on the Kirby Farm which was one of the earliest settled in that area. Cora was born in Wayne County on the Bob Scott Farm. Jim served in the United States Navy during World War I.

Jim and Cora were married in 1920 and made their home on their tobacco farm until their deaths. They tended their farm with their children, lending an example of hard work to the leadership they showed.

Jim was on the Board of Directors of the Growers Cooperative Warehouse, Inc., the Land Revaluation Committee, and the ASCS Committee. Cora was a charter member of the St. Mary's Home Demonstration Club, serving in every office including the presidency.

Both Jim and Cora were members of Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church for more than 32 years. Jim served as a deacon and church messenger.

Jim and Cora were a Christian Couple, teaching their children a respect for others. Their home saw no prejudice, and all community needs were answered by these good neighbors. They instilled a desire for education in their children which can be seen by Russell being an attorney; Hazel, a teacher; and Rachel, a food and nutrition specialist.

Memorial contribution made by their children

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