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McLamb, Junius

Junius Vinson McLamb
July 25, 1892 - June 2, 1983
With Great Grandchild, Claire Boyette

Son of William Westbrook and Delia Lee McLamb Married Armatha Parker on March 13, 1910
Father of seven children: Mack, Leo, Cleotha, O.L., Clara, Grethel and Lena.

Farmed all of his life in Johnston County except for a short time in Harnett County. In the early years, he worked as a day worker and later as a tenant until he bought a farm for himself near Four Oaks, a farm that was part of his mother's family holdings from many years back.

He never used a tractor. After he became too feeble to "work" a large mule, he used a small donkey to plow his garden until he was past eighty-five years of age.

A tape made when he was eighty-seven years old is in the library of this museum. It tells many personal stories but also portrays much about life on the farm during the depression.

Memorial contribution by Ray and Grethel Boyette

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