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Narron, OB and Beatrice

In Loving Memory

O.B. Narron
(May 24,1915 - September 11, 1986)
Beatrice Cooper Narron
(August 25,1921 - May 13 2001)
Married August 21, 1937

O.B. and Beat Narron were simple, good people. They lived and raised their children in the home place of O.B.'s parents, between 42 highway and 39 highway. They farmed and raised livestock, grew large vegetable gardens, had winter hog killings and went to Morehead in the summer to fish. They were both active members of their church, Antioch Baptist on 39 highway, where O.B. was a deacon and Beat was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary. O.B. was also a volunteer fireman, which Beat wholeheartedly supported, preparing wonderful dishes for fellowship dinners and fundraisers.

O.B. enjoyed hunting deer, birds, rabbits and squirrels and he loved his hunting dogs. Beat cooked everything he brought home, including bird dinners for him and all of his hunting buddies. All of their family loved coming to their home and opening the oven door, because there was always good food there. Beat cooked some of the best fried chicken around. Besides cooking, Beat also enjoyed sewing and gardening. She had a green thumb when it came to gardening and O.B.'s dogs always enjoyed lying in her flowers!

O.B. was born to Manley and Mamie (Talton) Narron and he was one of five boys. Mamie died when O.B. was six years old. After her death, Manley married Kate Gainey and they had a son and a daughter. Their son died in infancy. Beatrice was born to William Henry and Cora (Boykin) Cooper. She had two brothers and three sisters. One son died as a young child.

O.B. and Beat left a legacy rich in love that shown in the all too short life of their first daughter, Doretha, who lived only three days; their second daughter, Betty Lou, who passed away in 2000 and their grandchild, Paula Smith, who passed away in 1981. This legacy of love is carried on today by their children, Linda Etta, Wayne Langston and Ann Lorraine; their grandchildren Teresa, Paul, Dawn, Matthew, and Stephanie; and their great-grandchildren Justin, Jared, Amelia and Eric. As of 2007, their light shines on the newest arrivals to the family, Jenna Kate and Zachary, who will never meet their great-grandparents, but will always feel the legacy of their love.

O.B. and Beat were married for 49 years, were deeply in love with each other and are together again.

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