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Reams, Robert M.

In Honor of Robert M. Reams

Given in honor of Mr. Reams by Mr. and Mrs. Billy White

The life of Robert Reams can be summed up with one word: dedication. Throughout his life Robert has been dedicated to his family, his country and farming. Robert Reams was born July 21, 1925 in Apex, North Carolina to Ernest and Ethel Timberlake Reams. Robert grew up on the families' farm, where he learned the value of hard work. He attended Apex schools until grade 11. After graduation, he returned home to manage the family farm during the illness of his father. He was 16 at the time. After supporting his family for two years, Robert began his service to his country.

Robert enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1944, and served in the infantry as a demolitions engineer. He was stationed in Germany. In June of 1946, after a distinguished service career, Robert retired from the army and began his career as a student. His first choice was North Carolina State University, but because of a full roster at NCSU, Robert spent his first collegiate year at UNC Chapel Hill. The following year he was able to transfer to North Carolina State and complete his undergraduate work. He specialized in chemistry and animal nutrition. Robert made time away from his studies for personal life and in 1947, during the Christmas holidays, he married Anne Castleberry and began his family. In 1950, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Husbandry (with honors). Later, he continued his education at Brown University in Providence RI., where he studied polymer chemistry.

After completing his degree, Robert returned to his other great love: farming. He began applying his knowledge to agriculture, and developed several new strains of tobacco. He also started the Reams Seed Co., became a plant breeder and began his work in chemical research, which he continues today. While doing all this, Robert also spent his winters working for the U.S. Department of Commerce as a field officer in charge of Special Surveys. In his twelve years of service, he was repeatedly offered permanent employment, but Robert was too dedicated to agriculture to accept.

Today, Robert Reams is president of MagCar Inc. which is located in his home town of Apex, NC. His company has developed MagCar Plus to improve plant nutrition, and produce healthier and better crops. He has two children; William E. and Marsha Anne. He reaffirms his dedication to the farmers by continuing to search for ways to improve agriculture and crop production.

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