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Renfrow, James and Delia

James Vester Renfrow
Born Actober 13, 1891 Died-August 13, 1974

Delia Lewis Renfrow
Born June 15, 1901 Died September 18, 1991

MARRIED December 31, 1921

The Renfrows grew up in large farm families in the Moore's Chapel Community. Mr. Renfrow served in the Military Police in World War I. Using the money he earned during the war, he bought his first farmland prior to their marriage in 1921. He bought additional farms (a few acres at the time) during the 1920's. The Renfrows continued buying farm acreage during the 1930's and 1940's. One farm was bought with a down payment of one mule and one milk cow. They continued farming with mules until the late 1940's when he bought his first tractor. Mr. Renfrow paid for his first tractor by planting 30 acres of cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Renfrow retired from active farming in the mid 1960's.

Mr. Renfrow as very community oriented. He served as a square dance caller for local dances and he built a community baseball field on his property. Mrs. Renfrow was very involved with church activities.

The Renfrows reared eight children: Daisy Renfrow Radford, Clyda Renfrow Rheney; James Aaron Renfrow, Joseph Edgar Renfrow, Charles Frederick Renfrow, Edith Renfrow Creech, Faye Renfrow McDonald and Hilton Vester Renfrow.

Education was extremely important to the Renfrows. All eight of their children received a college education. They paid for their childrens' educations with money earned by farming. They instilled in their family a sense of pride in achieving educational goals as is evidence in their accomplishments - doctors, educators, lawyers, engineers and farmers. The Renfrows passed on the farming tradition to the next generation.

Mr. Renfrow's parents were Charlie and Edith Renfrow. Mrs. Renfrow was the daughter of Fred and Geneva Lewis.


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