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Scott, Harrison Elijah

June 4, 1923 - December 5, 1977

Son of Elijah and Emma S. Scott
Married Rebecca Hinnant on December 11, 1948.

Father of two children: Bonnie Lou Scott and Rebecca Michelle Scott

Harrison grew up on the family farm in the St. Mary's Community. Like his father and brothers, farming was his life.

He and his wife Becky farmed in Wilson County and to him, his greatest achievement was his crop each year. He was willing to practice new farming techniques, being one of the first farmers in the area to use a bulk curing system.

Harrison was active in the St. Mary's Young Farmer's Club. He helped build the St. Mary's Community Building. Also, he helped organize the Beulah Fire District, serving on the board of directors as a representative from Wilson County and was President of the Beulah Fire District for six years.

He enjoyed his family. Hunting, fishing, skiing, and boating were sports that he enjoyed with his wife and daughters, his brothers, and his nephews. Thus his agricultural livelihood and his outdoor leisure activities demonstrate his love of and closeness to nature.

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