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Scott, Robert and Emma

Robert Lee "Bob" Scott, son of David A. and Sallie Revell Scott (8/15/1866-8/8/1937).

Emma Holland Scott, daughter of Exum and Sallie Sasser Holland (1/27/1865-1/15/1927)

Bob and Emma Scott were married January 11, 1888. The couple lived in the Scott's Church Community of Wilson County for six years until they moved to the family farm in Wayne County, living there for the rest of their lives.

Bob and Emma were active in church and community affairs, being a member of the Primitive Baptist Church. They were farmers, growing corn, cotton, wheat, oats, and barley. Mr. Scott also raised hogs, cattle, goats and chickens. Both the produce and the livestock were used in the home and marketed in the area towns.

This young couple began raising tobacco, a new crop to the Wilson, Wayne, and Johnston area, in 1895. The cured tobacco was loaded on the train and shipped to Henderson and Oxford, North Carolina for sale.

Bob and Emma reared their eight living children in a Christian home, teaching them to respect other people. Their children who lived to adulthood were: Frank W. Scott, Sallie S. Boswell, Robert L. Scott, Jr., Elijah Scott, David A. Scott, Emma S. N. Claypole, Cora S. Kirby, and Senie S. Hinnant.

Bob and Emma Scott are buried in the family cemetery on the family farm.

This memorial was made by the descendants of Robert Lee and Emma Holland Scott May 17, 1987.

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