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Scott, Victoria and Franklin

Franklin Winfield Scott
November 10, 1888 - May 25, 1971.
Son of Robert Lee and Emma Holland Scott of Wayne County
Married February 24, 1909
TO: Victoria Kirby Scott
August 20, 1888 - March 1, 1954
Daughter of Henry Kirby and Elizabeth Hinnant Kirby of Wilson County

A Tribute To Our Parents
We are blessed by and appreciate the legacy of exemplary lives lived by our parents.WE ARE THANKFUL we were taught and shown: Recognition of God as creator and sustainer. Examples of honesty and truth. Values of right and wrong. Dignity and nobility or work. Appreciation for the world and the desire to make it a better place by our having been here. The worth of all mankind and creature. The desire to be the best that we can be - in actions and use of abilities.

If anyone were willing to work diligently and be frugal, he could "get ahead" in the world - such was the philosophy of Frank Scott. His accomplishments proved this worked for him.

Frank was a progressive farmer who read extensively and incorporated new methods and techniques recommended by the North Carolina Extension Service for farming and home improvements. He provided comforts of electric lights and indoor plumbing for the family before their general use in rural areas. He believed in and practiced a "live at home" philosophy by producing all the basic food item. Excess butter, eggs, and cured pork were sold to purchase sugar, coffee, tea, and rice that could not be produced.

The family was recognized by the North Carolina Extension Service and Progressive Farmer magazine in 1948 as a Master Farm Family.

Frank and Victoria were active leaders in Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

Victoria was a faithful wife, mother, and homemaker. She supported her husband in his farming endeavors and his "live at home" philosophy. She donated the land on which to build St. Mary's Community Club Building - a place proven to be a real community asset
Children of this union were: Elizabeth S. Hooks, Elbert, Woodrow, Exum, Hubert, and Elgia S. Farrior. Frank married Minnie Pittman Gardner in November, 1957.

This memorial given by the children and grandchildren.

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