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Shriver, William C. (Bill)

In Memoriam William C. "Bill" Shriver
June 22, 1938 — February 24, 1997

William C. "Bill" Shriver was born on June 22, 1938 in Lenoir County. He was raised in this farming community until his graduation from high school in 1955. Bill then decided to serve his country and enlisted in the United States Navy where he was stationed in the U.S.S. Pine Island. Bill was honorably discharged on June 19, 1959. He then decided to return to his home of Kinston and went to work with the City of Kinston, serving both the Fire Department and the Police Department.

His heart was still with agriculture and he soon returned to his roots and began a successful agribusiness career as he started to work with Harvey's in Kinston as a salesperson on April 4, 1969. Bill stayed with Harvey's until April 4, 1982. During this time, he was transferred to Seven Springs Supply Co., where he became manager. Seven Springs Supply Co. was a subsidiary of Harvey's. Also, during this time, he met his one true love, Wanda Barwick of Seven Springs, and they were married.

Bill soon had an opportunity to broaden his career path and began to work with Ring Around Seed Company on March 22, 1982. He was not with the company long as he was already making a name for himself in the agribusiness community. He began a new job soon with Cardinal Chemicals in Wilson, NC on September 12, 1984. Bill began as a salesman and worked several jobs, such as warehouse manager and soon was the top salesman in the company. His keen insight into agriculture earned him broad respect. He served on several boards with prominent agribusiness companies. But most importantly, he was a true friend to the farmers. He was often seen at various farms offering to help them in whatever way he could. Bill was a man of tremendous stature and heart. He cared about everyone and most times sacrificed himself to help others.

He was a great and kind father to two sons, Neil Johnson of Snow Hill and Allen Johnson of Seven Springs. He was also a caring grandfather to four grandchildren. Bill gained national prominence with his career in agribusiness and made Cardinal Chemicals a very well known agribusiness company. He served the company faithfully until his death on February 24, 1997. He is missed by all that knew him and loved him. He was a truly great man who left his legacy on North Carolina Agriculture and we thank him for leaving us with great memories and leaving this world a better place for knowing him God Bless Him.

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