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Stallings, Jack and Allye B

Allye Bailey was born July 6, 1894 in Nashville, Nash County, North Carolina. The family (parents: William Turner & Ids Richardson Bailey) moved to Kenly in 1895 or 96. Allye attended the Kenly Academy, Kenly High School and Peace College in Raleigh. Marriage to Wiley Anderson "Jack" Stallings of Wilson took place at Fort Jackson, S.C., May 7, 1918.

Jack Stallings attained the rank of Sergeant in the 322nd Inf. Regt., North Carolina National Guard, prior to U.S. entry into World War I. He was commissioned a 2nd. Lt., Infantry, while serving with his unit in France in mid-1918. His son was also commissioned a 2nd Lt., infantry, while serving in Europe during World War II. Music is a Stallings family tradition Jack sang in a quartet of members of his Regiment. They performed in North Carolina, other areas of the East Coast and in Europe during and subsequent to World War I. Jack was proud of performing for General "Black Jack" Pershing, "Crowned Heads" of European nations and before President Woodrow Wilson in Europe at the end of that war.

After Jack returned from European duty in World War I, they lived with Jack's family in Wilson. Also they made their home in Charlotte and Black Mountain, N.C. The effect of the depression returned them to Kenly in 1932. The rented the "old Wilkinson home" and Allye had boarders Later, in 1939 & 40, Allye ran the Kenly Hotel.

Allye and Jack had two children Marion Jack was born and died in 1920. William Bally was born in 1925; married Virginia Evelyn Tudor of Wilson, N.C. in 1948 and subsequently arranged for Allye and Jack to become grandparents of William B., Robert W., Virginia E., and Patrick A. Stallings. Phillip Kay Broughton, then in his teens, became a member of the family after his parents passed away.

The Kenly Woman's Club, the Book Club, Bridge Club and both the Methodist and Baptist churches were areas of continued activity for Allye. Also her family genealogy absorbed time and dedicated effort. She maintained a keen awareness of local, state and national politics. Allye understood and practiced social standards that deserve continued emulation. Her range of interests enabled everyone visiting their home to feel assured of a personal welcome. She and Jack kept an active curiosity in matters extending from local to international events. They imbued their children, natural, "adopted" and grandchildren, with these attributes.

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