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Stancil, Alvin and Esther

Esther Peedin Stancil
May 5, 1888 - September 30, 1980

Alvin Roscoe Stancil
May 14, - April 1, 1935

Esther Peedin Stancil was the daughter of Sanders A. Peedin and Penny Boyette Peedin. Alvin Roscoe Stancil was the son of John Thomas Stancil and Delanie Sasser Stancil. They were married on March 28, 1916. Their children are Beulah, Vernard, Pluma, Virginia, Glenn and Donell.

Mrs. Stancil recalled many times coming to the Boyette reunion in August and smelling tobacco curing at the Stancil place. It was unlike any aroma she had ever smelled. Little did she know that tobacco would become the number one cash crop in North Carolina.

The Stancils were pioneer tobacco growers in this area, and Mr. Stancil and his brothers, George and Harvey took their curing skills to Duplin County to show people there how to cure tobacco.

Widowed at age 47 in the heart of the Depression Mrs. Stancil, with the help of her children and tenants saved the family farm. She was a member of the Center Ridge Presbyterian Church and a long-time member of the Glendale Extension Homemakers Club. She was a lover of flowers and won a number of ribbons at flower shows in the county.

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