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Stancil, Clifton and Gertrude

8/6/12 — 7/8/98

10/3/13 — 10/26/78

Clifton was an avid hunter during the winter months —deer hunting in the morning, quail hunting in the afternoon and coon hunting at night. He hunted with many generations throughout his lifetime beginning with his nephews from Wilson County, Ralph, Harrison and Linwood Scott. The sons and grandsons of these families enjoyed trips to Moore County to hunt with "Uncle Clifton." Harrison Scott especially enjoyed spending time with his uncle in Moore County often staying a week or more.

Needless to say, Clifton took pride in hunting with his son and grandsons. They continue to carry on the tradition of hunting and fishing whenever possible. Papa and Granny's house was a fun place to visit by grandsons and granddaughters alike. Papa would take the little ones fishing at his irrigation hole which was stocked with fish especially for grandchildren.

Clifton was probably remembered best for his great storytelling abilities. His audience could almost feel part of the story. These stories included his childhood, hunting experiences, etc. Most of these stories were funny and he kept everyone laughing along with him.

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