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Stuckey, Archie and Ethel

In Memory of Archie Leon Stuckey
Born: December 20, 1911
Son of Henry and Beadie Parrish Stuckey

Ethel Leoria Stuckey
Born: October 9, 1914
Daughter of Charles and Ella Little Creech

Archie and Ethel were raised in the country, outside of Pine Level, NC, only miles from each other. They met at Parrish Memorial Baptist Church, which was built on land donated by Archie's ancestors.

Archie and Ethel were married for 58 years. They were blessed with six children: Billy, Jean, Charles, Wayne, Ronnie and Nell and thirteen grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren.

Archie and Ethel loved farming and they made a very happy life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. They always worked side-by-side whether in the fields or in the garden. Archie and Ethel raised their children to have faith in God and to live by the Golden Rule. Their children were left a legacy of cherished memories. Archie always wore a hat and whistled while he worked and Ethel always wore an apron and sang while she cooked.

Archie and Ethel, like their parents before them, were farmers who were born, raised, lived and died in Johnston County. Archie died in 1990 and Ethel in 1999 and both are buried at the church where their life together began.

With love and memories,
Billy, Jean, Charles, Wayne, Ronnie and Nell

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