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P.L Woodard & Company

In 1898, P.L. Woodard and his nephew S.W. Anderson opened an agricultural supply store in Wilson. When they passed away, the new managers decided to incorporate the business in 1947. At that time, they also decided to expand the general store to include area farmers with services such as soil sampling, farm management, delivery, and technical advice.

Over their long history, P.L Woodard has had several associates who were key in keeping the business open and running. P.L. Woodard kept the store going through the turbulent and uncertain years of the depression. W. Dalton Sharp served exceptionally as the company president during the time of Net Farm Income growth. And A. Carroll Coleman, who served in several offices such as treasurer, vice-president, and president, made it possible for P.L. Woodard to keep up with changes in technology and the increasing needs of customers.

P.L. Woodard has always worked to serve area farmers with supplies, equipment, food, clothing, financing, and services. Their doors have been open for over 104 years, and they attribute their success to making conservative but positive changes in their business. They also have built a loyal clientele by contributing back to the community. They support such organizations as the 4H Livestock Show and Sale, local Extension Service programs, soil conservation programs, and the Wilson County Young Farmers Club. They also assist area churches and schools.

P.L. Woodard has stood the test of time and promises to be a supplier of goods and support for the local community. They also still serve their hard-working four-legged clientele as seen in the picture below.

This page given by the Tobacco Farm Life Museum at the Excellence in Agriculture Dinner on November 22, 2002, honoring the outstanding contributions of our agri-business community.

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