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Virginia Slim

God's gifts come in all forms, and one of the most precious he gave was Virginia Slim to the Tobacco Farm Life Museum. From the day she arrived, half starved and only months old, she stole the hearts of all who met her. In return for a little love and food, she became the ambassador of the museum. Often she would greet guests at their car, perk up as they passed her sleeping on the porch, or come into the theater looking for a lap to curl up on. Most of all, Virginia Slim loved children. Countless were the times young visitors picked her up to play, and she always welcomed them with a soft pure and an endless amount of patience. It is not surprising that many people, young and old, came time and again just to visit Virginia Slim

The staff will miss her for many other reasons. They will miss the light jingle of Virginia Slim's collar as she passed through the museum and her insistent need to rub against their legs when she entered a room. The staff will miss her on their laps as they typed out museum announcements and her games of hide-and-seek when it was time to close. Most of all, they will miss the unconditional love Virginia Slim gave everyone. She was more than a cat; she was a member of the museum family. If cats can become angels, she is sure to be one.

The friends and staff of the Tobacco Farm Life Museum provided this memorial to an unlikely character, their Ambassador, a cat named Virginia Slim.

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