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Watson, Phillip

Peyton McDaniel, Billy McDaniel, and Phillip Watson: Winners of the 2015 Innovative Young Farmer of the Year Award

"We aren't afraid of trying new things to be successful businessmen in our community, our state, and our country."

Peyton McDaniel, Billy McDaniel, and Philip Watson have set themselves apart from the fray with commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm for their craft. These three are responsible for the Hickory Meadows Organics farm operation, which became the first farm in NC to grow certified organic cotton. They are also responsible for the Fishing Creek Ag Corporation, which specializes in conventional methods of cotton and sweet potato production in Halifax County. They use innovative technologies on the farm including GPS and variable rate technology. Aside from their innovative thinking they are also active in advocating agriculture awareness. All three of these gentlemen are members of the Organic Farm Advisory Board which strives to introduce farms into organic farming. Peyton went to Washington D.C. in February 2015 with the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Leadership Development Program to advocate for increased research funding. Peyton, Billy, and Phillip were honored with this award for their hard work and dedication for Agriculture.

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