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Williams, Miley Paul

January 7, 1878 - January 15, 1980

Son of William Mac Williams and Ophelia Kemp Williams - near Middlesex, North Carolina.

M.P., as he was called, was born near Taylor Mill, near Middlesex, NC. His father was deceased at the age of 49, when M. P. was sixteen years old. His mother moved to Tarboro, NC. Later on, M. P. became a traveling salesman for Murphy Jenkins and Company, of Tarboro, NC. He knew the older merchants of Kenly, North Carolina. He came to Norfolk, Virginia during the Depression of 1930 and owned and operated M.P. Williams Printing Company of Norfolk, Virginia.

He was married to Ethel Batten Williams, still living, daughter of B. B. and Ella Pike Batten. M. P. Williams believed in and supported better churches and schools.

He was a deacon of First Baptist Church of Tarboro, NC, Baptist Tabernacle, 27th and Fawn Street and Temple Baptist Church, 3300 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, Virginia.

One of his greatest hobbies was restoring life to old objects. He also liked fishing. He always remembered the people of Johnston County, North Carolina.

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