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Young Farmers Club

After World War II was over a group of farmers began to meet in classes that were sponsored by the GI Bill. The classes were held at Lucama High School and taught by the AG teacher, G. A. McClenny. Veterans who returned to their family farms would learn about many different aspects of farming from row crops to livestock and discussing new techniques.

From this Saturday morning class sponsored by the GI Bill the Young Farmers Club was born. County Agent W. D. "Bill" Lewis helped G. A. McClenny form this new group. The first meeting was held in the fall of 1949 in the St. Mary's school building. Franklin Woodrow Scott was the club's first president.

Young farmers would come together every two weeks and discuss farming issues; local, state wide, and national. Farming education was the main emphasis of the meetings with guest speakers ranging from the National Secretary of Agriculture to spokesmen from state universities to lawyers, and representatives of seed and fertilizer companies. The young farmers were interested in anything of agricultural educational value. The exchange of ideas and support and encouragement for fellow farmers was the cornerstone of the organization.

In 1951, the Young Farmers Club completed the construction of a building that was to be the home of The Women's Home Extension Club. The land was donated to The Women's Home Demonstration Club by Mrs. Victoria Scott. This building became very important to the community as it was rented our for various functions, and the upkeep of the grounds became a community effort.

The young farmers would come together whenever there was a need in their community -whether it was helping a member move, or breaking land for a sick member whose family was in need.

The present Young Farmer's Club was organized in the late 1960's. It is now county wide. It is not, however, a continuation of the former St. Mary's Farmer's Club.

The new young farm award winners form this community can attribute the ground work for their success to the emphasis and support they received form their fathers and grandfathers who themselves began as young farmers seeking knowledge after World War II.
The love of farm, family, and education has been passed down as sons and grandsons are now members of the farm club that was begun in 1949.

Information provided by:
Mr. Dorman Whitley
Mr. Jennings Hinnant
Mr. Dick Williamson
All original members of The Young Farmer's Club

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