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Boyette, Ollie Pope

In Honor of Ollie Pope Boyette
Born December 1, 1913
Parents: John Thomas and Betty Ferrell Pope
Married: June 10, 1932 to Larry Worth Boyette

Larry Worth Boyette
March 20, 1911 - February 21, 1964
Son of Larry Bryant and Mary Thompson Boyette

Children: Worth Pope Boyette
Mildred Dianne Boyette Hales
Betty Jane Boyette Bass
Sandra DeEtt Boyette Vaughn
Larry Bryant Boyette

Donors - Daughters Betty Jane, Diane and DeEtt.

Miss Ollie, as she is affectionately known, started school at Moore's School near her home, graduated from Glendale High School as Valedictorian of her class, married at eighteen years and was widowed at forty-eight. She and her husband had raised their children on the farm where the Boyettes had lived for generations.

Her early widowhood prompted her to seek public work and learn to drive a car. Today, at 84, she is known as the best hot dog maker in Kenly - where she still makes them two days a week.

Through the years, Miss Ollie has been and still is active in the Glendale and Johnston County Homemakers Clubs and in the Center Ridge Presbyterian Women of the church, holding various offices in each. She has volunteered at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum two days a month since its inception. Her other hobbies include gardening, reading and meeting new people.

Miss Ollie's children say she always has time for her family and, "is a kind, wonderful and understanding person - a good listener. She'll listen and let you talk until you solve a problem, but she won't make a decision for you! We can't imagine her bright outlook on life after losing her husband and both her sons. As she says about others, 'She's got a lot of grit in her craw'."

Miss Ollie says she is right where she wants to be at this stage in her life.

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