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Ticket Marker and Auctioneer Association

On March 4, 1972, a group of thirty-one professional ticket markers met to form the Tobacco Ticket Markers Association; the group, meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, elected Robert W. "Bob" Winn the first President of the Association. The Association was not formed as a labor union, but as a professional association intended to gain recognition for the position of ticket marker and to improve working conditions of ticket markers, among other originally stated purposes.

At a meeting on March 3, 1979, the ticket markers discussed inviting tobacco auctioneers to become Associate Members of the Tobacco Ticket Markers Association; several auctioneers subsequently became associate members, and, on May 29, 1982, it was decided that the auctioneers should become full members, and that the name of the organization should be change to the Tobacco Ticket Markers-Auctioneers Association. All of the winners of the World Tobacco Auctioneering Championship are members of the Association. In 1988 the Association actively invited Tobacco Warehouses to join as Associate Members; quite a few elected to join, giving the Association a closer relationship with the employers of the full members.

The Association's HALL OF FAME plaque is displayed in the Museum's Auction Exhibit.

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