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Meet Our Summer Intern

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

By Mike Rhodes

Hello, my name is Mike Rhodes and I am very excited to be a part of the Tobacco Farm Life Museum family. I come to the museum with degrees in sociology and secondary social studies education. In addition, I am currently pursuing an M.A. History degree from UNCW with an expected graduation date of July, 2022. Currently, I am a social studies and health/PE teacher at CTLA, which is one of Johnston County's early college programs. For leisure I enjoy metal detecting, coin collecting, further investigating history, and jogging.

Having come from Pennsylvania originally, I look forward to the opportunities I have in front of me to further explore the history of North Carolina and its farmers. I hope to bring a point of view that correlates well with the mission of TFLM. At this time, I am working on research that will enhance the points of view on tobacco farming in regard to minorities and their vital roles in the development of agriculture in North Carolina.

Mike's research is funded by a grant from Johnston County Unrestricted Endowment Fund and Cara Lee Powell Priest Endowment for Johnston County, component funds of the North Carolina Community Foundation.

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