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Big Boy’s Inc. Honors Community Doctor in Tobacco Farm Life Museum Donation

[KENLY, NC August 2023] -The Powell family, owners of Big Boy’s Travel Center, made a $5,000 donation to the Tobacco Farm Life Museum in honor of Dr. Hal Woodall of Kenly Medical Associates earlier this month.

“We want to support this museum because it preserves an important piece of our local history. It shows a way of life that is unique to farming families born and raised in these parts, and it reminds me of what life was like when I was young.” say’s Big Boy Powell, one of the owners of Big Boy’s Travel Center.

One of the exhibits at the museum demonstrates what medical equipment was used by doctors in the area during the earlier years of tobacco farming. “Doctors helped to connect farming families as they traveled around the community to help take care of the injured and sick.” says Wendi Powell, Big Boy’s daughter-in-law.

Dr. Hal Woodall, Big Boy Powell, and Frank Scott

The idea to make the donation in honor of Dr. Woodall came about because of his generosity towards the members of the Kenly community according to Wendi. “Dr. Woodall has done so much for our family and community. He never lets us do anything to repay his kindness, so we thought this would be a meaningful way to show our appreciation as the Museum celebrates its 40th anniversary this fall.”

“We are very excited to celebrate 40 years of our community coming together to preserve the ways of our heritage and share it with the world. This donation is a perfect way to honor a man who has worked tirelessly for our community and is truly a modern day country doctor. The Powell family’s generosity will significantly impact the success of our mission at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum,” said Frank Scott, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tobacco Farm Life Museum.

Tobacco Farm Life Museum, Inc. is a private 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing educational programs to individuals of all ages. The Museum was founded by passionate volunteers who saw technology change the farming process and their agricultural communities.

A 40th Anniversary celebration is planned for Sunday, October 1st from 2 pm - 4 pm. Find more information about the museum, the upcoming celebration, and how to donate on Instagram, Facebook or the Tobacco Farm Life Museum website,

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This is awesome! Hope Norman is lookin down on his wonderful friends!! God bless all of you!! With love!!

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