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Consignment at the Museum

In celebration of our artisans and their decade of commitment to the Stepping into the Past Saturday Series programing we are strengthening our mission through a new consignment program. The consignment partnership will help us continue the program mission of

Preserving a Culture and Heritage

Promoting NC Agriculture and Arts

Presenting talented Artisans and Craftsmen

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with local artists and craftsmen! Over the years we have held many classes and demonstrations on-site by our most creative and talented friends. We are looking to expand our partnerships with our community by selling handmade goods in our gift shop! 

We will initially be accepting 5-7 artists for our consignment program. Each contract will run for 90-day cycles. Contracts can be canceled at any time by either party. 


Our location off of Hwy 301 and Hwy 95 means we are visited by guests from different states! Visitors prefer something small and memorable from our gift shop. Here is a list of items we would prefer to stock in our gift shop:

  • Handmade Pottery

  • Small Prints or Original Artwork 

  • Heritage Items like Quilt Squares, Cornshuck Dolls, Baskets, etc.

  • Books by Local Authors 

What we can do for you! 

In our gift shop, consignment items will be designated with their own special background. This will allow us to bring special attention to your item(s). We will also advertise your item(s) on our social media pages to make sure they get the attention they deserve. 

Per month, on average, we get 1,000 visitors to our website. We would love to feature your work on our online store. We will package your item with care and ship them across the country. We have shipped items in our gift shop as far as Los Angeles! Shipping prices will be taken from your final commission (on average $9 or more depending on the weight of the item).

Please review the Consignment Agreement below. If you are chosen to be a part of our consignment program, we will need a signed copy of the agreement before we can accept your items. If accepted, we will also need your social security number. We can not accept any contract until all information is provided.


If you are interested in our consignment program, please submit an application below!

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