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Bailey, James Charles

In Honor of James Charles Bailey

James Charles Bailey, born December 17, 1941, is the son of the late James Dobbin and Charlie Dawes Bailey. Jimmy and his parents lived in Kenly, North Carolina, in the original Bailey home built by W. T. and Ida R. Bailey in 1900. Jimmy grew up enjoying his friends, remembering fondly the openness of homes to the neighborhood children, and the guidance and skills learned from older friends. Basketball at the Henry Newsome home; paper cup, a form of stickball, at the Grizzard home; and fun with the Jack Hooks family are highlights.

Jimmy attended elementary and high school at Kenly High School. He participated in various activities including Kenly High School baseball and basketball, Glee Club, and Beta Club. He served on the Galleon annual staff, was a class officer for four years, and acted in the Junior and Senior Class plays. He graduated from Kenly High School in 1960. The Class of '60, of which Jimmy is President, has remained very close during the years, holding a class reunion every year and diligently keeping in touch with classmates. Jimmy attended Campbell University where, in 1964, he earned a BS Degree in Business Administration. He returned to Kenly, and he and his father together operated James Dobbin Bailey, Inc. until his father's death in 1988, and in 1994, Jimmy retired.

Jimmy married the former Suzanne Scott of Kenly in 1963 Jimmy, Suzanne, and their daughter Betty made their home in Kenly and have been active citizens. Jimmy is a member of Kenly Missionary Baptist Church. He has served as Sunday School Superintendent, Deacon and Chairman of Deacons, member and chairman of various committees, and sang in the choir for thirty years. Jimmy was a member of Kenly Area Merchants and Professional Association, which was the original merchants' association in Kenly. He helped organize and establish the annual Kenly Christmas Parade and worked on securing bands to march in the parade for several years. Now he is a member of the Kenly Chamber of Commerce.

He is a member of the Kenly Kiwanis Club and has served as President, treasurer, and chairman of various committees. In 1997, he received the Meritorious Service Award for his work as treasurer, Jimmy has served on the Local Board of Advisors of The Heritage Bank for sixteen years and has been President of the Board Since 1996 Jimmy served on the Board of Trustees for the Kenly Public Library for twenty years.

Jimmy is an active North Carolina State Wolfpack fan, faithfully attending basketball and football games with the Donell Stancils. He enjoys "the Pack," and he delights in sharing ball tickets and game opportunities with friends.

In 1991, Jimmy was blessed with a granddaughter, Erin Pope. She has been the delight of his retirement years. Her school activities, community involvement, and sports keep Jimmy busy. He is always available to help her and her parents, Betty and David Pope; he enjoys being able to assist them with any task, project, or leisure event.

Jimmy's wife Suzanne commented," Jimmy has been a wonderful partner in my life, encouraging me to be active and involved in the Baptist Church and Kenly Community, supporting me in my teaching career and in my other endeavors, and lending me a hand with many challenges that have come my way Jimmy is a very special man, giving of himself, putting the needs of others before his own, and always maintaining a Christian attitude in all his associations. I am proud to be a part of his life."

Suzanne Bailey made this honorarium in commemoration of Jimmy's sixtieth birthday.

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