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Brown, Jarvis and Effie

Jarvis Brown
January 30, 1900 - December 23, 1986
Effie Brown
May 26, 1904 - July 23, 1987

Jarvis and Effie Brown grew up together in a small rural community between Micro and Selma, and were married on January 5, 1921. Jarvis' parents were Charlie and MaryBrown. Effie's parents were Andrew and Malissia Brown.

Together, Jarvis and Effie built a home on land Jarvis inherited from his father. Born to the marriage were three children: Moses, Billy, and Edna Earle. Their family also consisted of eight grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. Jarvis was an avid carpenter and farmer. Together, he and Effie raised many crops; however, their love and pride was their tobacco crop. Jarvis actually cropped and handgraded his own tobacco until 1983. Jarvis and Effie were active members of the Micro First Baptist Church, where Jarvis observed 35 years of perfect attendance.

Composed by Jenny Edwards, Granddaughter Donated by Moses and Zola Brown

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