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Brown, Vester and Lula

VESTER BROWN – Son of Iredell and Louisa Brown
Born: November 4, 1882
Died: January 30, 1962

LULA PITTMAN BROWN – Daughter of John Henry and Mary Pittman
Born: December 15, 1890
Died: January 7, 1971

Vester and Lula were married February 26, 1913. They lived with his parents in the "Iredell Brown Homesteadl for the first few months of their marriage -- until they could build their own home next door. They later moved to the Corbett-Hatcher community, around nine miles to the north.

They had nine children: Vella Ruth, m. Cleveland Parrish; (Clyde, Rudolph, and Hazel -each of these lived less than one year); Arlen Odell, in. Dorothy Creech;
Robert Wilton, m. Elizabeth Creech; Mary Louise, in. Bennie Creech; Johnnie Iredell, in. Alease Braswell; and Lula Eloise, in. Billy Stuckey.

Vester and Lula loved their churches. He was first a member of Old Beulah Primitive Baptist Church and then moved to Creech's Primitive Baptist. She was a member of Micro Free Will Baptist Church.

Vester worked hard as a farmer. But he really loved to fish, and he was able to do quite a bit of fishing in his later years. Deafness seems to be an inherited trait of the Browns, and he was quite deaf for many years. Lula was a devoted wife and mother. And she was blind for almost twenty years.


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