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Darden, Joseph and Nettie

Joseph William Darden
February 5, 1876 - August 2, 1952
Son of Simeon J. and Frances A. Hobbs Darden
Farmer, Merchant, Operator of Lowell Mill
Husband and Father

Nettie Hollowell Darden
October 30, 1875 - December 4, 1947
Daughter of Steven R. Hollowell and Annie Maria Edgerton
Wife, Mother and Homemaker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William Darden were married on October 20, 1901 in Smithfield, NC. They became the parents of five children: Cecil (who died at six months), Anna Maria (who died at 18 months), Mildred, a teacher, Eloise, a business woman, and Eulalia, a teacher.

They lived in Kenly all their life. Mr. Darden was from Sampson County. Mrs. Darden was from Lowell Mill and Smithfield. Mr. Darden came to Kenly to work for Mr. Henry Edgerton. He later opened a furniture store. Mr. Darden was a hard working man. He was especially interested in politics, sports, education and the town of Kenly.

Mrs. Darden had four priorities: Her family, her church, the Woman's Club and helping others. Mr. Darden married Mrs. Nancy Denmark on January 1, 1949.

Memorial contribution by Mrs. Eulalia D. Atkins and Miss Mildred Darden:

Family and friends were always welcomed in
our home. We were taught to be kind and
respectful to older people, especially members
of our family. We were given responsibilities at
home and were required to do these chores. We were taught to say only the good deeds of
others. A great respect for the truth was made
very important by our mother and daddy. Their
lives, love and understanding has made our
lives much fuller and happier.

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