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Hare, William Clifford

William Clifford Hare
April 15, 1907 - July 14, 1957

Memorial contribution by his children. Son of William Joseph and Catherine Hodge Hare William Clifford Hare married Beatrice Starling on December 15, 1935. Beatrice, the daughter of Rufus and Alice Pittman Starling was born August 22, 1908. They have three children. Jeanette Rose Johnson, Corporate Administrative Assistant with Durham Life Insurance Company; William Nelson Hare, President of Hare Pipeline Construction Company; and Katherine Suzanne High Smith, a teacher. Their grandchildren are David Brian and Jennifer Rose Johnson; William Michael Hare and Miles Lindsey and Katherine Suzanne (Katie) High Smith.

Our Life Together
By Beatrice Hare

Clifford and I lived in Beulah Township near Kenly and farmed all of our adult lives. He was a good farmer who really knew how to raise good tobacco. He loved farming, even the nights he slept under the barn shelter in order to stoke the fires in the furnace which cured the tobacco.

Farming in those days was a family endeavor and especially for us since Clifford's health failed several years before his early death at the age of 50. We all worked hard as did other families in order to have what we needed to live and to educate our children. But farmers today still work hard to have what they need and want.

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