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Hodge, James and Ida

February 21, 1883 - November 22, 1975 & October 26, 1883 - November 30, 1963

Son of Charles Allen Hodge & Daughter of Barney Woodard and Tamsy Jane Boyette and Louisa Creech

The Hodges

Ida Woodard and James Alvin Hodge were married in 1908. They were the parents of six children: Glenda Norton, James Allen, Arzelle Marshall, Albert, Ida Williams and Ray.

Alvin was born and lived in the Glendale community until 1901 when he moved to Kenly to work as a salesman with the Edgerton Brothers, and later his own business as an electrician and plumber. In his young adult years he played the trumpet in a Kenly band that traveled as far as New Bern, NC to perform for land auctions. He was an active scout leader, member of the Junior Order, active in the Republican Party, serving as a party judge at the polls most of his adult life. Before marriage he attended the Kenly Missionary Baptist Church where he was baptized in his late 80's. He loved family reunions, the circus and attended the State Fair each year from its first year of operation until his death in 1975.

Ida Woodard Hodge, born in the Princeton community, attended Turlington Institute in Smithfield and after graduation moved to Kenly to teach at Pittman's School, a one room school near Kenly. She was active in Kenly affairs, Woman's Club, Kenly Missionary Baptist Church and Sunday School, where she taught the Beginner's class for 50 years. She was a dedicated Christian and her prayer was that one of her boys would feel led to Christian ministry. This prayer was answered with her being able to witness the ordination service of Albert and Ray in the Baptist ministry. Another special prayer of hers was that her children receive a college education and this prayer too was fulfilled.

Memorial contribution by the Hodge children.

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