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Jackson, Nathan and Martha

Nathan Leroy Jackson
Born: September 6, 1878 Died: March 4, 1961
Husband, Father, Cabinetmaker, Blacksmith and later Farmer

Martha Luella Eatman Jackson
Born: August 24, 1884 Died: April 11, 1951
Wife, Homemaker, and Midwife

Lived in Fremont for a few years and then moved to the family farm; inherited and purchased form the estate of mother, Ruthie Ellis Jackson. With help of neighbors, built a road from Hickory Cross to Piney Grove before state took over the roads.

Reared five children: Helen Jackson Pulley, Lucille Jackson Stancil, Roy Elton Jackson, Anna G.Jackson Bailey, and Thomas Roland Jackson.

There are thirteen grandchildren, twenty great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

The farm is now owned by Thomas Roland Jackson who lives on the farm. Thomas Roland Jackson, Jr. Also built a home on the farm. Kerry Jackson and Acora Jackson Sorensen also own lots on the farm.

Memorial donated by Anna (Gertrude) Jackson Bailey and Thomas Roland Jackson

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