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Woodard, Seth and Lue Pearl

Seth Walker Woodard
(Pictured with Stephen Woodard)
August 13, 1884 - May 25, 1963
Son of Joseph Icabod and Gillie Brown Woodard. Husband, Father, Farmer

Lue Pearl Atkinson Woodard
May 23, 1889 - July 1, 1965
Daughter of John Elle and Lucinda Hales Atkinson. Wife, Mother, Homemaker

The Woodards lived on the family farm in the Glendale Community, five miles from Kenly. The land was originally owned by Walker's father, Joseph. Walker and Pearl were the parents of five children; Varneda, Mavis, Esther, Doris, and Willard.

All the children were born at the homeplace, where they lived until they married. During Walker and Pearl's 53 year marriage, "Papa" and "Mama's" home was a special gathering place for sharing love with family and friends.

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