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Woolard, Beulah Bailey and J. Marion

Beulah Bailey Woolard
July 16, 1897 -
Daughter of William Turner and Ida Richardson Bailey

J. Marion Woolard
July 30, 1895 -
Son of Jordan M. and Ida Foster Jenkins Woolard

Beulah Bailey Woolard attended the Kenly Academy, Meredith College, and Columbia University. She returned to Kenly and taught in the Kenly High School from 1918 to 1925 when she was the first lady principal.

During her years at Kenly School, she became author and publisher of Woolard Plays. Plays that were used for high school class nights and graduations. These plays were used throughout the nation. At the Golden Anniversary Meeting of the North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Mrs. Woolard was one of five North Carolinians honored for her contribution in the field of drama.

Throughout her lifetime, she was active in the civic, religious, and educational life of the three areas in which she lived: Kenly, North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia.

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